Kenya Airways- Tuseme ukweli, hii kampuni imekufa

Financial year [SIZE=6]2016 loss [/SIZE]after tax -[SIZE=6]Sh26.2B [/SIZE]

Financial year [SIZE=6]2015 loss[/SIZE] after tax [SIZE=6]Sh25.7B[/SIZE]


tupatie the nitty gritties, wako na operational loss?

Yes. 4.1 Billion loss. Ata mimi nangoja Cash flow statement.

What happens to the shares in case it crashes. Is there a way one can recover some money?

Getting gutted in prep for a nice Brookside rescue.
A Mauritius based shell company about to swoop in and buy it for a dollar and a song. Then six months later we’ll find out its owned by Moi or Kenyatta. In another couple of years they’ll be making fat profits and GOK will be stuck with old KQ debts.

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@Okiya, in your earlier thread, ulisema loss sasa ni 4.1bn. And I was like where did you get the figures?

All in all, Aviator likes this.

I was posting here as results were being announced. That 4.1 Billion was Operational Loss. I created a new post after the Loss after tax of 25Billion was announced.

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Na vile wanalipishanga expe. In other news Ethiopian airlines wamenunua hair mbas 350

asanti sana Daktari

Tuna ya 2016 tafathali