Kenya Airways To Sell Seven Planes

Kenya Airways (KQ) is set to sell seven planes and one engine in a bid to reduce its fleet as part of recovery plans.

Among the planes to be sold include six Boeing 787-8 Dreamliners, one Boeing B777-300 and a spare GE engine.

The carrier will lease back the planes after selling them according to contract documents between KQ and UK-based Air Partner.


Will be reduced to helicopter business

Aiiii. Si hizo ndege were being leased from the Kenyatta family?

now kenyatta family will ask KQ to take a loan from cba to purchase the planes and then re-lease them back to KQ. Its furked up i tell you

Should be the same partners.

Lube lube left right and centre Yani wanjiku hapumziki Hii gangbang ya Unyatto TMT handcheque.

:D:D imekuliwa mpaka that what it actually is

Those planes do not belong to KQ in the first place. Titus, UK and Mo1 family own those planes via offshore companies.

KQ is in shambles!

Uganda might even overtake us with their single plane. Now what will happen to Cameroonians coz they consider KQ as their national carrier

These are the dynasty manenos

:smiley: MLUHYA kuwa na heshma kwa wenzako


Finished airline. Should’ve been privatised. Now that it’s on the way to becoming a state corporation ndio uwizi kiajab kitafanyika.

Ethiopia airlines is one of the largest airlines in Africa and is managed by Ethiopians. It’s a myth that Africans cannot manage a complex institution such as an airline. I believe even we Kenyans will find our way one day

Aviation is a largely complex sector for most nations.

Also Ethiopian Airlines is actually looking to privatise in order to attract FDI

Ethiopia Plans to Privatize Key State Enterprises

hiyo ni ukora, they are selling to companies registered to them gand then leasing the planes to themselves at inflated proces

Government run airlines rarely do well especially if the government itself is corrupt. Kenya Airways is the new Kimwarer-Arror. A mess of unsustainable proportions.