Kenya airways not to stop flights to china

Surely , when other countries are canceling their flights to China, our dear kenya airways has said they wont and will closely monitor before doing so. So 2 things

  1. Either china wamesema usijaribu. Laa sivyo interest rate doubles (poor us , we have lost out sovereignty )

2 Either we have stupid bonobos who just dont care . Yaani they dont give a shiit or a ferrk with our lives as long as money keeps flowing. Same attitude with bread makers who put formalin in bread yet its known to be cancerous .

Enyewe hatupendwi hii kenya . [ATTACH=full]283805[/ATTACH]

Well the crew pia wako stupid, even if they’ll be fored common sense should prevail.

Wanaogopa kupoteza kazi now that economy is bad .

Not surprised, it would’ve been too logical for this inept government.

why should they stop flights? What is needed is proper screening and treatment, this disease can start anywhere in the world.

when did kenya ever do anything PROPER ?

Ushawahisikia incubation period? Hata mimi bado

Ingekua mimi any flight originating from China haiweziland Kenya.

very risky na China imeshika economy yetu makende

Singetaka kujua watulize corona virus before any slit eye is allowed in Kenya

Hapa if you boycott work the courts will be on your side and if they fire you, then you can get big compensation in the labour court

There’s NO treatment for corona virus !!!

And also it it very easy to hide fever. did you hear of the Chinese from the epidemic epicenter who was able to cheat screening by taking fever medication and traveled all the way to France? She was only caught becoz she boasted on social media.

Mkenya na pesa…afadhali akufe akizitafuta.

How dumb can one get , why not just seek treatment instead of bragging?
I saw a video of Wuhan, people are falling on the streets like flies, that thing is deadly!

nipe link …wueeh seems this thing is more deadly than ebola

Hapa iko shida. Very unnerving

kubwa .

treating and containing this virus will be 1 million times expensive than those stupid profits they want to get with kenya airways . STUPID STUPID BONOBOS

Hapa link,

Coronavirus: Disturbing videos claim to show people collapsing in Wuhan | Daily Mail Online
BTW thought you’d said you wouldn’t use that overused word again, does it make you feel better about yourself when you dehumanize others?
There are so many words in the English vocabulary ama ukusoma kutosha?