Kenya Airways maiden flight to New York!

Mgala muuwe lakini haki yake mpe ! I must admit that am happy and proud kenyan. After more than a decade my motherland is finally able to offer a direct flight USA thereby cutting travel time into half! The maiden trip will require 4pilots, 18 crew and over 85 other personnel plus tonnes of fuel! Dubbed breakfast in Nairobi and dinner in New York it sure promises good tidings for the national carrier!. I hope Kuna village birrioneas mtakuwa on it mtuletee minute by minute updates Kama ile ya SGR.

umeona hii mkumbwa
KQ warns staff over strike ahead of maiden direct flight to USA, MD Mikosz says he will employ all legal means to thwart work boycott.

Hio inaitwa sabotage! Halafu VS Kuna nyumba zao zilimalizika pale emba zimekua unoccupied for long!


Network watatoa wapi ya ku update minute after minute

Sasa nini wanataka Tena?


How much is a direct flight ticket?

nakuna demolition kishenzi inakuom over the flight path, well, to make an omelette you have to …

In flight wifi

Guess 1000 dollars give or take…but ni promotional kwanza

Dreamliner za kq don’t have inflight wifi

naukibeba ya mbugua, hehehehe
just kiding

But Kei Kiu decided to use ushoga to promote and publicise this ‘maiden’ flight…
Return flight itakuja imajaa ushoga wakija kutafuta ‘maidens’ with fresh asses literally :eek::eek::eek::eek::eek:

But Kq huwa na shida ya pricing hope they get it right…waweke 87k tuland pale Amazon stores kujichukulia cargo

I was thinking the same thing, maybe our shipping costs from US. will reduce

Ata zenye ziko nazo rarely works

The price will depend on the season. But it will still be expensive. Nimecheck next year may and seen the difference between KQ and KLM is 60k

Emirates inflight wifi works well.

So are we doomed before we even start?