Kenya 7s

#Kenya7s 14-7 France
#Kenya7s 43-0 Spain
#Kenya7s 21-24 Fiji

Must they always win two, lose one?

That’s good enough for a team comprised of semi-professionals without sponsorship

Main Cup Quarters
Kenya vs. England 10.14pm

England is beatable, naona tukifika Main Cup Semis.


There is no player development in Kenya. Until that happens, dont expect Kenya to compete at the level of kina South Africa and NZ

There is enough young Talent especially at the colleges and university level.

sa hizi wameiingia semi kudos to our boys for flying our kenyan flag so high …

To the finals

USA 19-24 Kenya

Raw talent does not cut it. Those college players you speak of hawawesmake

Full Time: Kenya 14-7 France,
Full Time: Kenya 43-0 Spain.
Full Time: Kenya 21-24 Fiji.
Full Time: Kenya 12-0 England. (CQ).
Full Time: Kenya 24-19 USA. (CS).
Full Time: Kenya 12-31 Fiji. (CF)
Best results of the season so far…congrats boys