kentex Cargo...lesson learnt

Following up from my thread yesterday.

the package in the middle and on the right are fleece items. So this is how i got nailed in paying that high price:
Kentext usually charge shipping at $8.99 per pound., and the minimum charge is $20. To calculate weight for items in proper packaging they calculate the volume of the entire package and divide that by 139. Example, of you had a 5kg dumbells in a proper 4x4x4 box the resulting weight would be (4x4x4)/139= 0.115 pounds so in this case they would just charge you $20 since the weight is below the minimum charge.
Whereas if you put those dumbells in a paperbag: 5kg = 11lbs
the shipping cost would be basically $90!

That is where i got hit. because of the two fleece packages. Since they are not a regular box that the volume can be calculated cleanly, they just weight the items and multiply by 8.99.

So if you intend on using these guys for shipping, the costs can be kept down, provided you get your items on some kind of regular shaped packaging of as little volume as possible.

But why didn’t they repackage at their base prior to forward shipping. I get my stuff from vitumob/Afri Saliya nicely packaged.

it seems like they couldnt give a fuck about repackaging. One, its not their business, and two, repackaging will cut into their revenue since they would actually be helping you save money

What are fleece items? o_O

stuff made from fleece material…this kind:

Kentexcargo is a con

Shop here

They dont have what i wanted. Its not available locally

Kilimall is useless

i have used those guys and never again will i enter that stressful company again…

Kentex ama Kilimall

the subject matter is kentex not kilimall.

Expound mkubwa.

Kilimall iko sawa.

Limited variety of items

:eek: Na vile nikikua nimeona s5 pale amazon na 15k peasants will never prosper


Tulkua tunaiita wulala.

How can such material weigh 17kg in such a small package… hapa umepigwa dafrau