Kentex cargo 5% Freight Insurance + Handling = 50 dollars

I have noticed my recent orders zikifika nachapwa na insurance and hadling ya 50 dollars - fixed amount. Kitambo this was not there

Na unatuuliza badala ya uwaulize?


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Mgema akisifiwa tembo huitia maji. if the order comes in damaged, its up to amazon to refund the order, so hiyo upuzi ni njia ya kunyonya watu some riro money. Hadi ako na American accent siku hizi juu ya kubeba mizigo kutoka america hadi kenya

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Coul it be due toNabii and taXes

I’m now considering going elsewhere like vitumob

I wrote about this in 2021 when I tried them, shipping was $15 then they hit me with insurance charge of $44. I was quite pissed and have never used them again. Have shipped in quite a number of items from amazon via savostore and the experience for the last couple of years has been smooth as butter, no unexpected charges. Will stick there unless they screw up

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What are you shipping? I recently sent a phone from UK to Kenya and I was charged a flat rate of £50. I personally think it is fair because the last time I used formal means like DHL, KRA hit me with a hefty bill which was 3x the original price of the phone. I have never used DHL since.

Which company did you use

That 50 is exclusive of shipping charges and furthermore you are waiting 18 days for the product unlike DHL

Kenya Exports Ltd

Nope, its inclusive of everything and you get everything within a week or less. They ship every Friday via Air.

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