Kensington Avenue , Philadephia PA. Drug capital of America. Scariest place on earth.

Have you ever seen a real zombie? In Kensington Avenue Philadelphia you will see real zombies. Fentanyl addiction.

Humans who are half dead. They shit themselves and sometimes eat their own faeces.

Kensington Avenue is also known as Kensington Beach because of the heaps of bodies piled on the pavement, half dead.

Kensington Avenue is the largest drug market in the U.S. From heroin, to crack to opioids, this is ground zero.

Zombies shoot heroin while police officers walk past . Philadelphia is the most corrupt city on earth. All elections here are fucked up, totally corrupt. Democrats rule with an iron fist.

The mayor of Philadephia below. These Democrats are more corrupt than even Nigerians.

Jim Kenney

Kenney speaking at Philadelphia City Hall in 2019

Damn…they seem to not want to live. They should be used for some experiments or something.

Hizo zombie @uwesmake angekutana nazo ni kutomba bila huruma.

[SIZE=5]Insane. I’m certain these abusers are beyond rehabilitation.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5][SIZE=5]Kids, [/SIZE]Steer clear from drugs.[/SIZE]

Hell on earth. Lord save them.

Meet Natasha, 24 year old from Kensington.

Natasha after getting help.

One step from the afterlife. Hii kitu isiwai fika Kenya :

We have 2 talkers who live in Philly. The way you see addicts walking is called the shuffle walk. They walk by shuffling their feet. Sana sana caused by heroine.

Smoking that mozzo shows it’s a matter of time before she relapses.

How long can you do heroin/meth before it irreversibly messes up your brain?

I’ve been here boss, it’s scary. Was on my way to the airport when the Uber lady driver agreed to show me around coz I couldn’t believe such a place existed. It’s horrific, you wonder where the cops are when you have people/zombies injecting themselves live live.

Probably immediate. They cook meth with Muriatic Acid , lithium from batteries, etc. So it immediately starts damaging your body. Have you ever wondered why meth users have no teeth?

Are they vocal here, @patco what have you taken, thought you blamed blacks for every bad thing under the sun

Huwes ona @buttco the idler kwa hii thread.

@patco unaanzisha thread then unareply na different handles? kichwa yako huwa sawa kweli ?


Huyu jamaa needs to see a psychiatrist na meanwhile akunywe meds zake whilst at it.

Nani amekwuuliza? Mbwa wewe. Enda ukaambie rafiki yako electronics. Malaya wewe.

Woi kuna kitu mnaulizana

Drugs just won the war on drugs

America is slowly dying