Keninisa Bekele ameingia baridi


But there are other elite athletes in the competition who have a good chance of winning. Hopefully Kipchoge wins, but recognize there is competition and manage your expectations.

Ethiopia has 5 elite athletes participating. The odds of an Ethiopian winning are fairly high. Don’t sleep on them.

That guy has more than five world records in his career, ataingiaje baridi? Kuwa serious.

I had to check the authenticity of that news feed,it is true Bekele has bowed out citing an unhealed injury he was hoping would be healed before the epic duel.

akwende kabisa ghassia yeye

Ghasia ethopian al shabaab…

Doping ameona anaweza patikana.

Anazeeka. Anataka ashinde marathon moja ya mwisho ndio aende retire

ameshachapa ni kama ule ghassia mwingine Serena Williams forcing a title yet after kuzaa na kuzeeka hawezi , stop forcing the body retire gracefully achia vijana field

Sad. Wanted to see him go toe to toe with our own Kipchoge, I am sure he wanted to have that one last dream run before he hangs his boot. Wishing him a quick recovery

You were right. An Ethiopian Kitata won