KeNHA Fuckard Retards

Now who the fuack decided to put bumps on Southern bypass bila hata warning!!! KeNHA fucktards and retards deserve to be sued to kingdom come!!! Mathafackin idiots!!!


Eastern bypass, they did the retarmack and marking 2 or so months ago, then on Sunday I happened to be around Fun city and boom, they digging it up to lay water pipes. Why didn’t they do it before

Bump ziko wapi southern bypass

Speed bumps are believed to fix every possible problem on a Kenyan road.

“Tunaomba serikali iwekee bumps”

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very annoying response to traffic issues.

Low IQs who dont think ahead.


Tender manenos too

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Correct !!!
on the surface it appears like “unbelievable incompetence” but actually its just plain old corruption.

Utakuta project ya kuweka hizo bumps costs several hundred mirrions and Kenha sub contracted a faceless briefcase entity for the job.

We need to force drivers to slow down. We are fixing the handshake

Accident victims should sue them for reckless endangerment

And mechanical problems too. Grand mullah once did na akalipwo