Kengen opportunity

Nimepata power bill nikatokwa na jasho baridi kwanza, wueh kuna watu wengine wako post paid and have you looked at your power bills?
Started thinking, vile Kengen isn’t encumbered by madoido mingi ya IPP, sijui this cartel and that cartel and they produce the cheapest renewable energy in Kenya, kwa nini they don’t start distributing to large power consumers to start with? Waende pahali kuna industrial park with large power consumers and pitch to them that they can get cheaper power by about 25 or even 50% wakishikana to help offset infrastructure cost. I can see the industrial park owners going for such an option given they’ll use it for marketing of their parks for industries to set up hapo, they pitch that in Ngimanene Industrial Park you’ll pay 25-50% less power than going to anus licker industrial park. Of course any industry will go to the one with cheaper, reliable power. They do the same to real estate, get developers in a region washikane to offset infrastructure costs, and they can market their developments as having access to cheap power compared to Kenya Power. Of course there’s the politics and legalities of it, but hizi power bills apana

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Is your head hit by a donkey? You sell low when you have opportunity to sell high, can you say you are doing business?

one corporation exploit you, do you think the other will spare you?



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