Kendrick Lamar, SZA - All The Stars =KIYANA AMESHINDA 2018 TAYARI

This is too much

i have to start looking for a way to hate this nigga…

wont lie i have watched it ten times why can we do such visuals in Africa…i already know this gone be in the scene he is talking to the past kings…

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honorable mentions

nice touch with the music representing the feel…dope!!

The problem with you …

[SIZE=2](now our problem coz we let u in)

[SIZE=4]You grew up a little… Which wasnt enough[/SIZE]

(…and i aint referencing your dick size problems)[/SIZE][/I]


Nubia is an old civilization . Respect

Lamar and SZA don’t belong in the same sentence

They killed it vocally and visually… Drake stans gone be jelly for a while. . Weekend and Jay rock video and a new track probably… Year is done

Remind me to watch this umeffi nikifika home at exactly 18:45hrs

This is it…Ab-soul,Anderson.paak and James blake- Kenny and Travy

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i classify kendrick and lupita in the same group …

apologetic votes for the black community in general are trash

Lupita maybe but kenny has been on this grind to success…

the fuck she saying??? Hasnt she heard the track??? Thats pure ignorance

She leans on shock value bait posts… i am starting to suspect there is

I done told ya Kendrick has already grabbed 2018. Full GOAT status reached. Kwanza All The Stars and Pray For Me are the only songs in my playlist for the past week

I thought this was like TPAB stint a good stomp and then coold down but DAMN this time he is going for it…but i am concerned about this new gimmick
we ain seeing him smile,laugh and shit -make jokes…so no more sherane stories and hood nigga shennanigans!! DAMN!!

what is this supposed to mean??? serious biniz now that he mainstream?? Got to admit I miss a little of Good Kid M.A.A.D City

Seems so[ATTACH=full]155595[/ATTACH] but let it be will see maybe by summer he gone be goofing like this again

stupid people threw him out of the party …cuz they din know him
[ATTACH=full]155596[/ATTACH] am sure everyone now is regretting it…

That right there was a good album.

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