Ken Walibora

Wadau kwani Ken Walibora hakuwa na wife ama mkidi?

MGTOW …always successful …its a surebet to be successful

Nasikia his pals wakisema he was very secretive on that front…Apparently also this mess is similar to an exert of one of his books.

Lakini si wewe ni msomali na ni lazima muoe. Sasa wewe hii MGTOW cannot work for you.

Niliskia Swale Mdoe akisema hajaiona mtu secretive kama yeye despite the being close friends. Apparently hata yeye hakuwai jua kama ken had a family in Nairobi for all those years.

Si nilisikia ako na duo citizenship. … pale majuu hakosi ako na familia.

Ooh labda basic coz I’m surprised at that.

Pale majuu alionyesha mlami rungu hadharani ikawa polis kes…

mid 40s …na bado

And he was deported. Patcherians in the US have all the 411 about his life there.

Wololo. He believed mandingo hype about white women being crazy for big tings. Akapata wale wabaya. Hebu bring all the 411 Mami.

I am aware he was charged for flushing but he was acquitted…are we talking about the same thing?

Confused cultists. You don’t know the teachings of mgtow. Men marry at 70.


After reading this I thought Oh my @gosh

They usually still deport you. Once you enter the “court system” , whether youre exonerated or not becomes moot. Which is total bs coz apparently “innocent till proven guilty” right? To be clear, I don’t know about his case but usually this is how that cookie crumbles

Your example is not fitting because he wasnt an illegal immigrant… he was a teaching associate in a university… legally there

Nitaleta mama mia…wacha mmoja amke in a bit anipe permission…to share the mushene…he actually admitted he had a problem of exposing himself which is a big issue majuu and quite rightly so.

Huko kwa Trump ni noma.Vile sisi wanaume tumezoea kukojoa anywhere kama there is no toilet karibu ukipatikana huko doing that na ukuwe anywhere near a school,wewe kwisha!
You’re charged as a minor sex offender and with such a record kupata kazi hata ukuwe umesoma aje ni ngumu sana.

I get that. He was at Madison. This doesn’t apply with illegals only my friend. That’s what I am explaining to you. Unless you’ve earned citizenship (my guess is he may have) then you aren’t immune . There’s something called “of good moral character “ that gets green cards revoked and permits withdrawn… a lot! I cannot tell you how many times I’ve seen a fellow African get set up for fake domestic case and loses it all even after investigations exonerate them. Once ICE gets that police report (remember they have to justify their existence) you can bet they’ll be at the court awaiting you to post bail. You have to live here to see those unwritten nuances. We usually give heads up to newcomers coz it can be a slippery slope really quickly