Ken Okoth has seriously shamed Raila Odinga

Ken Okoth for Everything.

How? Did Raila have CDF as MP?

Someone will whisper that Jubilee secretly contributed 70% of the funds and the rest will be history…

akifungua hio shule ma boyz wa baba karibu wamuuwe , walimtoa mbio mbaya

Does he need cdf to build that school?

That said Okoth is lucky, had Rosemary not fell ill, then he was out. That odm certificate for Kibra had her name already.

Ken okoth for prisdent. The other gatundu dunderhead did nothing worthwhile as well with the CDF money

Its not even funny, they will easily believe that. Next it will be boycotted and burnt.

If Raila even put aside 150,000 of his monthly salary as an MP in these 25 years, he could have built this school.

and why don’t you do the same and build your village a toilet??

President Uhuru made his mark for Gatundu as well.

Gatundu Level 4 Hospital - Initiated by him as MP, completed when he was President.
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Gatundu Market to replace the open air market. Started as MP and completed when he is President.

ulipunguza umafi kwa hio kichwa yako kubwa ?

hapana, sijawahi punguza tangu uongeze kwa yako

Not to blow my own trumpet but if am in a position to do something, I will honestly do more than that but tribal idiots will still worship their political demagouge

He is a very sober legislature

That’s Raila Educational Complex, kwanza hao jamaa waliloot Olympic Primary during the riots yet their kids study there. Hii ni ya juzi inaitwa Mbagathi Girls High School or something.

We need such markets in Nairobi but the major challenge is sanitation.

10 markets have been advertised. However I hate it that world bank is the financier, it will take longer to complete. 10 other market sites will be tricky since 5 of them are old and current been used. It will need to be cleared, demolished, renovated or expanded. 5 other are subject to court cases as grabbed.

There was a city council market in Eastleigh in the 90’s, it was grabbed and a mall stands in its place. Same with the Chief’s camp.

48m? Pia ni mob for such a structure pia apa kuna watu walikula. Anyway job well done.

World Bank is also building Ngong Market and true to your assertion, they take long on their projects.