Kemikal part 3

I have never appreciated Kenyan acting talent, until I watched Kemikal 1&2.
This was top notch acting and high quality video shoot, by everyone involved.
Kenya has talent undiscovered. It’s only that those mediocre actors we see on @Githeri media are there through connections.
Kemikal part 3 coming up this Monday. Can’t wait.


About time. Good job bana

YouTube has saved creativity from mass media slavery.

Very true. Apart from Terence Creative, I have never seen any of those other actors. Very natural talent. Thanks to YouTube.
@Finest wine, now I see.

Quality video - yes
Topnotch acting - no

Apart from the Mzungu, most of the acts were nervous. It was not natural to them as you could see them smiling histerically. Example the washed washed lady in episode 1, the wash wash guys from West Africa in episode 2, the boy who delivered money in episode 2. Another incident, the washed washed lady in episode 2 was talking to her daughter on phone yet when she gave the same phone to her husband, he just uttered “Mbugua.”

As a person who has studied filmography, these were bluntant mistakes. Though even top movies and music often have some mistakes, obvious mistakes like smiling when you should not can never be allowed to pass. The acts should appear as natural as possible.

Cobra Squad and Tausi are Kenya’s best productions in the mainstream media.

Tell me about it…:rolleyes:

There is loads of talent in Kenya and many thanks to youtube tunawajua sasa. I was sent a link a while back:D na huku kwa Terence sihami. All my tukazos have acquired a new lingua…kwanza wanasema ‘ngafika ngakunywa fine wine’ kwanza nikashindwa kwani wananijua kwa runinga:D:D:D:D before I watched? Please watch Convo Corner with him and his wife Milly Chebi. Hugely talented. BTW hata kale kaBahati kako na a lot of talent other than singing…he cracks me up all the time.

We in the diaspora have a love relationship with Kenyan Youtubers. If we watch them from the diaspora they get more money, and when we watch them back home…our homesickness is cured. I can watch someone taking me through a day in their lives hapo Kiambu and feel quite nostalgic and re-watch, I can watch MisterSeed and other singers all day coz I missed out on the Kenyan raving scene, ndiyo na catch up.

Wakenya wananifurahisha sana:D:D:D:D:D. And you know they are not short of creativity…ni pesa hawana but thanks to YT they are earning a living.

Dude they’ve gone viral and that is what matters. They are earning a lot of money…

Where is your Oscar?


ua kabisaa :smiley:

So, something should not be criticized because it is Kenyan? A video with 1M views is nothing viral. Kenyans were praising Gengetone in 2019. How is it doing compared to SA, TZ, DRC, & Naija music?

Kenyans get excited over very small things. If the acting in those two videos is “topnotch” by local standards, we will never compete with other countries

Do 'ave a nice day!!

Look at these views here…1.6m in less than a month…dudes laughing all the way to the bank…

Cobra Squad had good camera work but the acting and script needed improvement

3.3M in 3 days

I don’t think we were comparing the countries. Were we? American and Kenyan artists in matters YouTube? Asha wee. Kenyan artists and now working in collaboration for the greater good. That was our point. We who have access to free and affordable wifi will sukuma them to greater heights financially by viewing them

Mimi huku kwa tuKenyanitos twangu sitoki…nimecheka yangu yote…