Kelly Rowland hazeeki

Must be having a lot of sex. Motivation and Need A Reason, na Ludacris Representing are my defacto sex songs, haikosi kwa playlist wakati wa mechi. Alafu I sometimes send their lyrics to mature pussies to test the ground. Mature pussy is sweet sometimes.

I find her cuter now than she was when younger. Na ni ule anakaa poa bado bila makeup

Alicia Keys.

Swizz beatz hukula mali safi banae

Partner in crime too.

There’s like a 20yrs old difference from the two.

Ayra is sexy lakini she sounds like a dude and her accent is a turn off. Siwesmind lakini.

Maze iyo accent really killed that song. First time I heard it I thought it was a ritual or cultic song

True. Last month ndio nilijua her name and that she is a woman. All along I thought no mwanaume.

She is talented but hio accent apana.

She’s Nigerian, that’s how most Nigerian women sound. Stupid brainwashed bonobo.

Idiot. Am I not supposed to have an opinion?

It’s your constitutional right to have opinions, including stupid ones. Mushienzi.

Kuna hii ngoma ya Tyga inaitwanga bouncin on my dick na ingine ya jeremih inaitwa birthday sex hio ndo mi hutumia kupeana hint ya mechi. Kunguru aki reply positive hapa najua mechi tunayo akianza upus nachorea na natafuta ingine.

For me and 1billion bado tumekwama hapa…