Keitany Blunders: Desperation is bad Ladies - Dont be any man's work mule/sugar mummy

This case has me wondering what is really wrong with ladies. You meet a man through very weird circumstances ati your boss sent you to sleep with him so that asikuwe parliament to pass impeachment motion. First of all you pay off HIS HOUSE rent arrears of 200k for a whole senator. Then you move him into your home. Then you take on his 5 children from different mothers, you pay fees,feed,house and clothe them.All this without even first finding out from registrar’s office if this man is actually divorced. You get with a man who has married and divorced 3 good women and you dont see the need for background check. Mimi hata one divorce siwezi. Anyway ndoa muhimu so you proceed. Then you go his shags and start building him a house worth 54M, you get all the contractors from Nairobi and supervise the construction from start to finish. For several months as your imaginary husband is living it up in Nairobi and MSA with slay queens. You just call him to give him progress reports.On completing the house you go to Dubai , ofcourse you pay for everything from flights , to accommodation and the furniture for the house you built. Plus shipping costs. After awhile you have a house opening ceremony. You then go to Mauritius for holiday and pay for everythhing to the tune of almost 1 M. Kurudi you now want to be married. So you ask your senator ‘husband’ to go pay dowry and do a customary wedding, ofcourse you pay for everything. Hubby dearest cheats you that according to his culture his parents cant come for your wedding or even dowry negotiations because thats reserved for first wife only. With all the investment you’ve made , you cant back down no matter how fishy that looks so you go ahead. You then buy land in Runda and begin constructing again but this time your imaginary husband is very involved and ensures everything is under his name. After completion ‘hubby’ dear starts sleeping out for weeks on end and starts being physically and emotionally abusive. Eventually he forcifully throws you out claiming that you were just a homeless woman in distress he was helping with accomodation. Weuh! Acha niachie hapo. Even a soap opera doesnt have this many twists.

The Njogu in the house: Where was she getting the millions from?
She is/was a mere civil servant probably earning less than 300k.

It doesnt matter . We know where all Kenyans with money get it, so this is not EACC Court its divorce court

Check Kenyans comments…
vincent otieno ochieng10 minutes ago
Kaitany, i am single dear…Maliza hiyo kesi tuende tujenge huko Homabay.

11 hours ago (edited)
I can confirm that women are easily manipulated, she could have avoided all this by not getting married to him

newton kulla
16 hours ago
I hope Wetangula is watching the real noisy and messy divorce.


alvin wambugu
1 hour ago
The lawyer sounds pastor Pius muiru

Pieces of Beautiful
51 minutes ago (edited)
Marianne. Receipts upon counter receipts Lakini hio intelligence yote Marianne you still went for a man who has divorced 3 times. Then you don’t even do due diligence to know if the divorce was finalized? smdh

Anthony maina1 hour ago
Now, how is a chief of staff spending all these money on a senator who is supposed to be earning more than her? Ironically, She worked at the DP’s office…

Noordin Alenga2 hours ago
Lol at this age really mithika linturi being referred to as BOYFRIEND

Mariam Mbodze1 day ago
That’s why siwezi nunua hata kijiko kwa nyumba ya mwanaume mwenye haja nioa aisee acha nikae tu au nijenge kwetu kuliko kujenga kwa kina kijana na haja nioa



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1 hour ago
Divorce is this hard

Richard Maritim
1 hour ago

Rosalyn Kaimuri
13 hours ago
30M!? She’d have bought her own land ajenge…you cannot trust a divorcee with your property! Even a single spoon abi!

Evans Kamanda
20 hours ago
Those on the know, is the lady wishing to salvage the marriage or fighting for property?

Rose Okongo
1 day ago
I like the Voice of this Lawyer, tho



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15 hours ago
Maryanne, you are so beautiful, how could you be messed by this Linturi? You deserved better. So for lack of a better word, who is a woman eater? Jowi and Linturi? Using women to gain mileage/wealth and then killing them physically or leaving them emotionally drained. SOMEONE TELL MARYANNE THAT SHE is gorgeous and can get a better man!!!

One pussy is not enough for one man and also one dick us not enough for one pussy. Hio ingine ni filler

Women don’t think rationally but emotionally. Men think the inverse.

An argument like following would make sense to a woman “Imagine Kevo alinicheza but nampenda tu labda atachange” and she finds herself cooking for him and serving him dick.
An argument like following makes sense to a man “Caro nampenda joh but hii mchezo yake ya kunidharau hatuwezi pelekana ivo so wacha atembeze” na anabounce

hivo ndo pesa za haramu huenda. siisi twasema macho huumbuliwa… huoni upuzi maanake ni kitu kiovu

Gay community manenos ! Mimi mbele ya God hata kama nakupenda aje hata bike siezi kununulia.

What brought these two togeza ni pesa ya mahindi. Theyre now fighting over the spoils.

Ata paragraph hakuna??

Nitaweka ukinijengea nyumba ya 15M Ushago .

:D:D so you are stingy. A term you like calling men

The doctor warned me that I am strictly universal recepient but if I donate its dangerous for my health. Hata damu sijawahi donate.

Not even stingy, nani anaeza oa huyu?

Visiting quack doctors is also harmful for your health

Nani anatakaa kuolewa na fukara kama wewe kombamwiko??? Mwanamke ni gharama tafuuta sugar mommy kama Linturi mbwa hii

Building broke men like @Chiefkiumbe , is more harmful to any woman’s health,right now mamake ako na high blood pressure than even mganga wa kutoka Sumbawanga. Huyu hata tone la maji siwezi mpea kwa accident scene.Ni asonge , apunguze mzigo.

Now you have resorted to shaming instead of having a normal argument:D Typical


If the guy is broke he is broke. He should punguze mzigo because theres no value he is adding to the exchequer.
He reminds of Jerome

She was senior in Ruto’s staff. Nuff said