Keeping it honest - Mediocrity in Kenya today

Can’t relate. got no time for TV or radio. news tunaonea twitter na gazeti


kwanza churchill show nowadays has become so obsolete creativity wise

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Mimi ni shapiki chee gwegwe?


“Never seen melanin so dark…”



It’s happening everywhere. When is the last time you watched a decent tv series? what happened to sitcoms? Hata al jazeera siku hizi ni upuzi. They’ll do a very hardcore documentary about boko haram showing beheadings but won’t dare touch isis coz isis aremainly Arabs. They’ve never even done a newspiece on slavery because they know which nations that story leads to. And they’re always against Israel and her friends.

There was a time yaani ktn was the channel to time News ilikuwa 25 minutes and to the point followed by a good series and a sitcom. X-files, ally mcbeal, Oz, The sopranos, my favorite martian, martin, family matters, perfect strangers… who can forget Belki Bartokomous etc. Leo hata ktn sijui iko channel no. what. Blame it on tuju and his local content nonsense.

Even the movies made in Jewish Hollywood are garbage. Silly crap meant to tilt the truth. Fake movies to make people forget what is really happening. Ati the best, most awaited film nowadays ni fast and furious na transformers. what happened to bad boys? There used to be a time when ulikuwa unaona thriller at least two more times to truly appreciate it.

And the music videos are the worst. I remember the first time i saw My name is by eminem… just legendary. leo ni bangi, matako na pombe kila mahali. you can’t even watch a single track with anyone around. And the artists are so many and so forgetable. Busta rhymes alienda wapi. Hata wrestling ni ujinga tupu.


Even football is boring. Who the heck is lukaku? What happened to maradona, ronaldo,rivaldo,schevchenko and figo?
Today you’ll remember footballers for two days because of their huge paycheck and you forget them as soon as the world cup ends.
There was a time yaani mike tyson and Michael Jordan were the kings. Then came the likes of vince carter in the nba and his crazy moves. today even the nba logo is uninspiring.

Back to the homefront, what happened to good old vioja mahakamani and vitimbi or even tausi or tushauriane. Or maybe our expectations back then were quite simple.

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Kubali umezeeka.


You have just summed it up. Couldn’t have said it better.


what happened to good music akina King Kaka used to churn not these Fena crap. When Klepto used to blast hits per second. Wyre what is wrong bana, the only consistent girl with good hits is Sanaipei

The thread was good till old geezers derailed it.


sasa wewe unacheka?

When @Chifu said arudi kwa sewer pit. Wait a minute lazima I give you reasons why I’m laughing.


Hata kama ni uzee there are stars who have consistently crossed generational gaps e.g. Michael Jackson. It’s the content that matters.
Take a movie like rambo. unataka kusema teenager wa leo hatashikika? ama terminator. juzi kulikuwa na akina soulja boy na chamillionaire today no one knows who the hell that is.

Take a movie like Mo
money or Coming to America they’re still very funny today.

Take serious dramas like Menace to society or Boyz n the hood even today they are still unmatched.



Gopore… Migwa… Gopore

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By the way what happened to Mark Viduka the footballer, Pavel Nedved, Christian Karembeu, etc etc


Naona imeniquote huko kwa sewer pit. Endelea tu wakanyama

Oya @omerta rudi secrets ukatukanane huko

:D:D:D na sijui Chingy

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