Keep off mowlem, ni kubaya!

Boda crew around MAILI SABA,MOWLEM have attacked traffic police manning the road using stones.

Wapi bisha area zangu ni Saika. Am keeping of kangundo road.



We are waiting for a trigger we chase these leeches.

Mowlem ni wapi?

nilisema usiku kuwa watu wamechoka na the system on that embu OCS hacking thread nikaambiwa niwache bangi…

OK then.
To quote Peter O’Toole in Lawrence of Arabia " Big things have small beginnings"

@digi a picture is worth a thousand words

You need surgery. Brain surgery. Or a head transplant. :confused::confused::saitan::saitan::saitan::saitan::meffi::meffi::meffi::meffi::meffi::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:

Peace and safety… sudden destruction, we will continue comforting us with false figures about the economy until we can lie no more. A hungry person has nothing to lose, and will stone you with your guns. hapana rig economy

Like you need last week… F-ucker :meffi::meffi::meffi:

Cc this mother f-ucker @Chabumba Abu …find better use for your f-ucker handle …Smelly skunk :meffi::meffi::meffi: