Kenya has been losing an annual of close to a 100Billion shilling a year in counterfeit goods thanks to an infiltrated KEBS system where certification stickers are sold on the black market.

The answer to this problem is we adopt a smart supply chain that will allow the government and shippers to accurately track where goods are coming from and it will give greater power to consumers who would be able to search the origin of some of the food they consume.

IBM has been testing this technology in Kenya using our coffee.

I remember months ago when it was revealed that the ministry of land will use blockchain. I wonder what happened to that.

Lawyers sued in court to get a stop order that the technology will lock them out of the business as buyer and seller might opt out of using them in the transaction.

Great idea. This actually would work perfectly against counterfeit and substandard goods.

No surprises here. This judiciary is extremely crooked. Every good initiative or project has to be taken to court which always results extremely baseless court orders that stop projects for a long time or end them altogether.

Cartels are everywhere. With block chain at Lands all crooks at land register are done. Its all electronic now. It’s like buying and sale of cars at NTSA. Land owner registers his land electronically, its surveyed, plotted and uploaded into the system. Land register, county government and KRA registers are updated immediately and simultaneously. The buyer is given the land title deed no. He logs in through e-citizen and gets all details. He sends a surveyor to confirm the same on the ground and give a valuation. Now they can talk price. If they agree, they activate the sale option, key in the amount and it automatically shows the amounts for the land register fees, KRA and county. It gives you a code which the land owner needs to activate through e-citizen. You walk to the bank pay the amount and input the code. It prints a receipt and confirms transaction. All registers are confirmed, the client gets his amount in the bank account and you get an alert on e-citizen that you are the new land owner. Ukora mingi inaisha hapo. Kuna mahali hapo ya lawyers. You can still pick them to do agreements and guidance buts it now a lesser option.

Honestly, technology cannot cure shithole country.

Only cuba like revilution

Like Kidogo utaskia itax portal in future imekua compromised.

I’m almost guaranteed they still store info in books. to that CEO, blockchain is something straight from Avengers