KDF to buy 118 Turkish Katmerciler HIZIR Armoured Vehicles

Finally they are buying quality, not the cheap Chinese mabati they bought the other day!

Kdf and KP procurement departments have different motivation. Moja ni kusalimiana, ingine ni usalama

Geopolitics, appeasing Turkey to let us proceed with Somali demarcation

Impressive…but is this a case of aping .ug next door or our officers regrouping and becoming more strategic.
Read that el adde report posted by a villager here and i cant help to think that no matter how well equiped our forces are we are still fucked if our commanders are still as daft as they proven to be.
Why buy equipment then ignore intelligence reports.
Why buy equipment when inexperienced officers are not promoted on merit.
Lets hope this is ushering a fundamental change.
But damn i wouldnt mind owning one of these ugly beauties.

That is interesting. Na Iran pia wako Somalia. China pia wako huko.

Everywhere one looks these 3 emerging devils plus India wamejificha hapo. Pale TZ for instance the Chinese appear to be winning in pushing the Turks out. What are Turkey’s interests in Somalia other than a military foothold?

kama vile britain wametufanyia wanachukua maua na delmonte pia sisi tulipishe kisasi na kuchukua makaa ya zoomalia

hii ni kama kuchapwa na budako alafu kwa vile huwezi retaliate inabidi uendee bro yako mdogo umtafutie makosa umweke mangotoo

hapa umedanganya kaka …

so unasema the largest economy… hawawezi jenga gari mzuri kushinda this junk

My opinion.
If im wrong enlighten me and or the rest of us.
Ive read about kdf promotions being crooked on a number of occasions…if im wrong then i take it back.
BUT…Judging by what i read in the post el adde brief…honestly the mistakes they made…anyone undergraduate (without any military background) worth his/her papers wouldnt make such glaring mistakes…vitu zingine ni common sense.


Hehe lok for something else to do. I’m you assume that kdf works in the same way as your dirty jaruo boss’ office where yerro yerro get promoted for having a wet crack and tight skirt

Apart from the top leadership that that even though “appear” to be political BUT still follow the Tonje rules in succession. Every rank and promotion earned in the service is after attending, successful completion and graduation of the relevant laid down courses and training subject to ones area of specialization and subject to availability of slots. For example unaweza pata mtu ni intake yako yaani mliandikwa siku moja yeye ni mechanic na wewe ni infantryman yeye ako na rank wewe huna juu kwa area of specialization yake kuna vacancies na yako haina. Its life vidole zote hazitoshani. As for the latter i can’t comment way above my paygrade!

I need this one, private vehicle, naeza harras nayo watu vibaya saana.

Nunua cultivator instead, shenzi.

Hii ni Kenya…you know how stuff works.
Tafuta hio thread ye el adde ujisomee and amua for yourself.
Just watching a few documentaries and military movies and common sense gives you an idea of how to set up an outpost.
Anyway suite yourself…endelea kujiambia vile tuko mbele and we are a mediocre country with a mediocre government with even more mediocre govt institutions.
And by the way i still stand by what i posted.
That el adde exposed our army.
RIP to the fallen soldiers by the way…with all due respect.

Finally! Migingo is ours now.


Sawa elders [ATTACH=full]347543[/ATTACH]wacha nichukue hii najua baado nitakutesa nayo ukinipata kwa barabara, jingatype

hio link ya el added si iletwe birrionaire asome pia…

Why Turkey such a badass kwa vita?

They probably are, but mostly for their mamoth army. Alafu pia they never turn down an opportunity to make easy money!!