KDF neutralized 8 Al Shaitan in Manda bay.

Apparently some wore military fatigues almost similar to KDF’s probably to cause confusion.
At the end of it all 8 lay dead, 5 arrested and their arms 1 [ATTACH=full]278849[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]278850[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]278851[/ATTACH]PKZ, 2 RPGs 3 Ak 47 and ammunition captured.
May they enjoy their virgins, pigs.[ATTACH=full]278849[/ATTACH]

Shait. KDF must have knew it was coming. Their must have walked into their own deaths.

This time our shitty intelligence got it right?

KDF should do what Hessy was stopped from doing; sharing images of the dead troublemakers with their eyes facing God and their bloody mouths open in what usually looks like a grimace

Hizo ghasia zimeshikwa should be roasted in an open furnace.

Damn man, these guys are really armed. RPG na GPMG haikuwangi mchezo. Lazima ukweli ilikuwa trap, walikuwa Tu wanangojewa

Hapo sawa.

Sijaona mtu kichwa ngumu hii dunia kama Oria, Russian, German na Mwarabu…ata hapa mwarabu fake @Bingwa Scrotum akiunda a new handle utajua tu ni yeye going by his bullshit

Bingwa ni kisii

Lucky are those who died .I cant imagine the kind of torture those who were captured will undergo .

watakuwa kitoweo ya @Thiem na @rainbowreigns

The sad thing is Al-Shabaab leaders have their families in UK receiving benefits from masters to avenge War between them and USA, while Young Jobless boys are brainwashed with virgins and heaven lies. Well, when you die you cant comeback and say it was a scam… Wajinga ndio wauliwao.



There is nothing kenyan about that camp. Its a US military base, but they hoodwink kenyans its a kdf camp. The two planes destroyed…google about their purpose, in combat areas,

Wakifika peponi huwa wanapewa hao madem 72 siku hiyo hiyo ama huwa wanatuliza for a week hivi kuhemka? Manake nilipoangalia hizo picha ni kama hao jamaa wamechoka kiasi.

HAKI Africa itawatetea

Kazi msuri

Alshabaab don’t forgive. They catch up with you , you’re done for.

More smoked al shaitans.