KDF kill 52 Al-Shabaab militants in Somalia

Way to good KDF!

Fifty-two Al-Shabaab terrorists have been killed in a raid on their camp in Somalia by Kenyan troops.

Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) spokesman Joseph Owuoth said the 1am raid on Friday was carried out by ground troops supported by mortar and artillery fire.

The camp was located nine kilometres North of Sarina in Badhaade, Lower Juba.

“The intelligence led operation was executed after surveillance assets sighted Al-Shabaab terrorist concentration in the location. Ground troops supported by mortar and artillery fire were employed to neutralise the camp thereafter,” said Colonel Owuoth.

Many other terrorists fled the battleground, leaving behind seven AK-47 assault rifles, a machine gun, two phones, 104 rounds of ammunition, three home-made bombs, bomb-making materials and food.

“KDF wishes to assure the public that operations against Al-Shabaab will continue until all terrorists are eliminated in order to ensure Kenyans and their neighbours enjoy peace and security,” Col Owouth added.


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KDF shoots al shabaabs, not videos.

Ata kama ni ya alshabab wamekufa dio wenye wamebaki waogope or else this is another jubilee development portal

kudos KDF, lakini mbona hawa alshabaab hawaishi

Pole sana Bingwa, am sure hiyo ya mwisho inakuuma sana.

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When I read this, I asked myself the same question


Good work KDF

War history has shown that it takes an average 10-15 years to defeat an insurgency like Alshabab. Once they were defeated from control of cities, urban areas, they retreated to rural areas. Now it’s systematically downgrading them as a fighting force to just a batch of criminals. The key to eliminating them is building internal security forces within Somali capable of security administrating of the country.

If true, divide by 2

Seems KDF are more pro-active, sometimes offense is the best form of defense. Kaziswafi kabisaa