KDF is a criminal entity



bothers si nilazima uwamalize?

Tangu waibe westgate…wacha tu

Mtajua KDF si RDU.

Kill all terrorists. Apantambua takataka.

Moving forward.

You are either with us or with them, wakule mbegu bila kusumbua

the villagers should be thanking KDF for sparing the whole village and just dealing with 3 brothers…KDF got solid Intel , and these guys are at war so ppl should cut the bullshit.
Did the expect flowers or fresh khat from KDF?
Good job KDF , its because of your good job tuko safe Nairobi

What do you expect when there commander-in-chief is a drunkard and a thief.

Tuko safe aje Nairobi yet we have Uhuru terror na taxes

let kdf do their job mashifta ni kichwa ngumu

Baba ya BABA alishasema so many years ago. Even wrote a book - Not Yet Uhuru