KDF Heros successfully destroy another Alshabab Terrorists Camp


NAIROBI, Kenya Apr 11 – Fifteen Al Shabaab militants were killed on Monday when Kenyan soldiers raided their camp deep inside Somalia. They were felled at an area known as Catamaa, about 100 kilometres from the Kenyan border town of Elwak. Colonel Joseph Owuoth, who issued a statement from the Kenyan Military headquarters in Nairobi, said the soldiers used artillery and mortar fire to destroy the camp.

“The Kenya Defence Forces wishes to assure the public that operations against the Al Shabaab will continue until all the terrorists are eliminated to ensure that the locals continue to enjoy peace and security,” Owuoth said.

Many more militants are believed to have escaped with injuries but there were no casualties on the Kenyan side.Al Shabaab has fought to overthrow the internationally-backed government in Mogadishu since 2007, but turned its sights on Kenya when the army was sent into Somalia in 2011 to fight the Islamic insurgents.
Since then, the militants have targeted civilians in different parts of Kenya, including a dramatic assault on Nairobi’s Westgate shopping mall in 2013 in which at least 67 people were killed.


kudos KDF. fumigate hizo kunguni zote.

Pongezi kwa vijana wetu

Cheers @Jazzman and crew. Maliza hao waovu wa jihad bandia…

Mimi ni kdf wa kujipea. Hapa ni kazi ya @imei2012 kdf makaratasi

:D:D:D:D:D neutralised . uwa wote mpaka bingwachieth

I like their strategy, destroy all logistics and training camps within 200kms of Kenya border. It drives them deep into rural Somali and therefore it becomes a hustle to attack us within our borders. Intelligence gathering here and in Somali is key.

na usisahau juzi Trump has given its officers on the ground powers to rain hell on alshabab without pentagon red tape watajua moto si maembe

This narrative reverses the order of events…

why don’t KDF leak the photos of the attack, am tempted to ask for mbishas, hii ni mara ya pili we are celebrating a piece of paper, picha, picha, ama sketch…

kudos to our boys n girls in uniform

Military surveillance drones at work.
But this means yet more Kenyan Al-Shaitans will be executed as the spying suspicions will be even more heightened.