KCSE Grade

KCSE results and grading on a curve is something that people should pay attention. KNEC is not failing the students deliberately.

Concerned citizens and the former PM has called for a probe on the exam failure.

Kenya has been churning university graduates and a lot of technical skills have been ignored. How many people graduate from BComm and Mass Comm every year versus how many pursue industrial welding, plumbing, auto body repair, electrician, masonry etc.

The country has enough BComm as it is. To become industrialized we need more and more technical skills and innovation.

We can’t forget the arts too. Music, Graphic Design, poetry, literature etc. Africans in general think that University is the ‘be all end all’ post secondary experience.

We can’t forget sports. In Rift Valley lots of kids get running scholarships abroad since this is really popular that part of the world.

My point is, don’t you think that before the results were released those people knew what they were doing. Furthermore these results have been released two years in a row with the same trend. Also, cheating has been reduced so most who are in University now probably did not get there legitimately.

Most employers complain about work ethic and aptitude of graduates. May be what we need is the best of the best. Hii maneno ya half baked students who somewhat cab do the job…then they run for parliament with the same half baked skills…Wacha ikae.

In the end we will benefit as a country.


BTW mimi nilipata A plain kama Bingwa.


Matiangi has made A great again

The elusive A, village mzima ilikuwa inajua even across the ridges

This is good for the future. Obviously they’re are some students from previous years before Matiang’i who are in the faculty of medicine and engineering and who are not supposed to be there. I wonder if they’re able to keep up with the real McCoys. I did calculus and I know that feeling when imekataa kuingia wah! U set in that lecture hall drawing doodles on your book because you have been left behind with no hope of catching up. I don’t miss those days

Hizi A za cku hizi ni bonoko… manze '94 simnajua tu how it went… but kitu hamjui haikuwa ni haikuwa easy

Calculus si ngumu vile watu husema hapa.

Wewe semi waria Hio A yako haijawai reflect na upusi wewe huandika hapa, afazali hata ii ngurue waria mwenza hapa juu.

Calculus ilikuwa mwathara kwangu, I think hapa kuna a few geeks. Hiyo textbook nilisema sitawahi itupa nijuange I’m living with my college terroriser

Kama wewe ndio unapima uzito wa akili za nguruwe utawezana na binadamu?

hesabu mzito ni ya stima dadee. ulizeni watu wamefanya juu lazma wamefanya calculus extensively wakwambie ni gani huwa inauma zaidi.
kuna hesabu ya hiyo transformer unaonanga unapatanga hakuna mtu anajua ata professor mwenyewe atakwambia atafanya research.

I think hizo ni zile za Engineering. Calculus 3 and 4. Hizo ni za members only

We used to call them Double Maths … problematical and beyond. With lots of Fourier, Laplace, De Moiver’s, Bessel etc. no one would want to care about transcripts once they receive their degree. Saa hiyo ndo unapata jamaa ni mlevi bangi na pombe hata unashindwa anasoma saa ngapi. Our system was screwed long time ago and redemption is worth since all that matters is relevance of courses offered.

Btw, why was those hard courses a preserve for college drunkards n drug zombies? I had a couple of friends who were taking engineering courses, telcomms n math major. These guys would drink the whole night pale Mbugus @KM even if they have exams the following day. I heard none of them retaking a course!

Hizo vitu umesema hapo. De Moivre law na Laplace transform ni zile unasoma after exam all evaporates. But we made it.

Calc 3 wasnt hard after you get the initial shock of Calculus 1. Laplace was covered under DFQ ( differential equations) were I learnt. All in all the Math Engineering courses are not too bad. Just do the homeworks and study the problems. I think the med bio courses that require extensive cruming are a juggernaut. I took some as free electives and they have their owners.

The one reason why Literature, Masonry, the arts are not considered good courses is because traditionally careers in those fields do not pay good to start.

Btw @kah tony is your A in the dubbing era ( 1999-2015)?

I also suffered under calculus 3 and 4 in jkuat.
But the few electrical units i did made me respect watu wa electrical engineering… Singeweza hiyo.

the grades never matter in real life. I say this because I live in the real world. above C+ n you are good to go.

yes…but but…

hujaongeza upus za kina fourier series where you could do 1 single sum in 3 fullscaps