KCB Thika Branch Robbery Two – Scored As

The two suspects who carried out the audacious KCB Thika robbery are A+ minds.
While the rest of Kenyan’s were busy campaigning and in limbo for months awaiting the court outcome the two were plotting their next big move.

According to the press, the two are easily the brightest people in the village…

“Mr Munene is an electrical and electronics engineering graduate while his brother, Mr Mwangi has a degree in agricultural engineering”.

One thing the preliminary investigation has not revealed as yet is the status of the two; were they in employment or jobless.

First, I will not second guess they are jobless; unemployment is also not justification to commit a criminal act. However,

A huge section of the top quarter student graduates end up unemployed. Those bold and courageous enough go abroad to do most often manual work and remit huge sums of Money. In cases where they return to institutions of higher learning they excel.

A large number of the last quarter of Kenyan student graduates runs the affairs of the country, indeed they are CEOs and directors to many institutions.

Why are Kenyan top minds so unemployable?

hii tuliona



Umekuwa Wapi mujamaa

Umekua kamiti?

Hii tuliona na Mark Antony tuki-admire dashboard ya Cleopatra, meffi.

when Bethsebah was a slay queen in Galilee.

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Yeseus! Arent you slow? Hizi ni news za lini?

I know!!.. that is beside the point?

[SIZE=5]Why are Kenyan top minds not getting jobs they have to resort to theft? This has been on going for more than 20 years.[/SIZE]

Before Mase dissed Camron on Oracle

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I guess this indicates that if they were all employed into serious position they would undo the order.


Kenyans are a funny breed. The fascination with the thieves’ level of education and brilliance is undoubtedly borne of the fact that they could be more useful out of jail and hence they are a waste of “brains”. What Kenyans conveniently forget is:
[li]The unemployment and under-employment level in Kenya renders the above argument moot[/li][li]It takes a brilliant mind to devise and implement that plan. Your regular pick-pocketer* never thinks twice before taking off with your wallet. Think about how stupid that is. If the pick-pocketer is nabbed, mambo yake kwisha, courtesy of instant justice.[/li][li]This crime was relatively low risk. Chances of bloodshed were practically zero[/li][li]ad nauseum[/li][/ol]
In case you think I am glorifying the criminals, I am not. In fact I don’t think they are very smart. If you steal that kind of money, it makes no sense to hide in Juja. No. 1, you have been using fake IDs and someone was eventually going to start a ruckus. Two, people were already questioning this construction at night. There’s no way a half-intelligent person would hang around with 50M in your pocket.

  • is there a word like pick-pocketer? Made it up on the fly.

No, No, No………………………It is not a fascination. It is a visible fracture of a deeper problem.

There is a trickle-down effect, if the brightest in a society are not able to get employment or support into other constructive engagement.

In most developed nations companies and state instruments go out to seek out the bright one’s in the crowd, they recognise that when one is super smart in i.e. mathematics then they have the acumen to be problem solver or future captains of industry.

Indeed some countries are now investing heavily and working hard at supporting there As pupils to help compete with the rise of Asia. Here we seek Asia to build our roads and infrastructure whilst our As construction engineering graduates are raiding banks. Could we not have apprenticeship programs?

It is in our interest as Kenyan to comprehend why and how top graduates become criminals. They is a knock on effect on criminality downstream in the rest of society.

:D:D shiet!!!

What the fuck are you saying “No, No, No” for? You spent 5 paragraphs expounding on my unemployment/under-employment thesis and didn’t raise any objection to what I wrote!

The response to the post was not a personal attack on issues raised.
A coin has two sides, no need to challenge what does not need challenging
Perhaps, I should have expanded on the No No a bit more but left with….…

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