KBC ya Japan.

Bana. Ndio maana music videos za 89s,90s, Na early 2000s zilikua poa kuliko za siku hizi digital ones

eti US banned them:D
did US also ban Germany and does germany stream in 8k?:smiley:

Of course digital is lossless. Digital was also a great equaliser and disrupter.

Shooting on an analogue format e.g film stock is very expensive. Filmmakers save in that aspect. Today anyone can grab a camera and shoot. Digital equipment is also cheaper or getting cheaper. Editing is also easier because its done on a computer. In the old days you cut the film physically using a panga on a flatbed. A real panga and scissors.

Also manipulating the film stock was time consuming and dangerous work because the developer used very toxic and very dangerous chemicals to develop the film not to mention that these products were highly volatile. Studios used to burn down every other day.

I believe kbc and most local stations ziko chini ya 480p:D:D

Film had infinite resolution. Images were compromised by other factors. Nothing Is perfect though. Even the human eye is pixelated but image processing in the brain fills gaps, smoothens imperfections and merges images from the two different eyes into a single pleasant image, but which is more or less an Approximation.

KBC and KTN have some of the best quality unlike NTV. K24 also iko sawa. It really disappoints when switching from Supersport HD to local stations.

Transmission is lossless, but digital has Big losses because images are sampled.

It depends on your pocket. If you have the money you can have anything.

With the poor production quality and Microsoft Paint caliber of graphics sioni ata 4K itasaidia KBC na nini.

True, our senses are an approximation of reality. In fact evolution of our senses has been geared for us to survive the environment and not give us a true picture of reality, heck, we can’t even see well in the dark or see infrared images like some other animals.

When you have the money and I’m talking at the very high end of things, when you have the budget you walk into the factory and they will make for you whatever you want. At that level you deal the company engineers themselves. If its chips, lenses, rigs…

Both Japan and Germany were demilitarised for a decade each. Si uko na google. But that’s a nice way of saying it because in reality they were looted. The Russians and Americans would walk in take what they want and destroy what they can’t carry. The losers really lost their national pride and dignity.


gambling is illegal in Japan except for horse racing and motor sports

Japan wasn’t banned from having a military they have the 4th strongest navy and the 6th highest military budget in the world