Kazi Mzuri Polisi

We’ve just dodged bullets literally. Hii mujahideen are not letting up

Isiolo County,
Merti Division

The SCSIC members led by DCC Merti Mr Maiyo Julius and OCPD Merti Mr. Gifinalis Barasa, SSP and D/DAPC Merti Ip Hussein Ibrahim, while on a return journey from security patrol from Yamicha, our officers spotted a Mitsubishi sport car reg.no.KBM 200D hidden in a thicket(in police custody) The team alighted from their m/vs and approached the said m/v, one of the occupants in the m/v came out while shooting at the officers, the officers returned fire killing him (unidentified) instantly. Four of the occupants tried to escape, two were apprehended while two are at large among them one armed with Ak47 rifle. Two in custody are: Abdimajit Hassan Adan, Kenyan , ID no. 32480689, 24yrs; Mohammed Nane Kenyan ID no. 32539624, 23yrs. Also recovered are ID no.31528692 belonging to Jirma Huka Galgalo, 3 safaricom GSM sim certificates , one Gsm Airtel certificate, 1 driving license belonging to Adan Abdimajit Hassan no.CofC 1853211(2nw170); 2 Nokia,1 tecno and 1 x-TIGi phones, hotel room key for Delta Hotel room no. 204; 5 Ak 47 rifles with 36 fully loaded magazines, 1 with 22 rounds and 1 empty magazine; 36 unprimed hand grenades, 18 IEDs, 3 millitary knives, a black flag and other parafanalia associated with Alshabaab militia groups, motor cycle reg. no. KMEE 180R and ignition keys. [ATTACH=full]157543[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]157544[/ATTACH]

Well done police for averting what could have been worse than westgate massacre

Well done.

well done. Picha ya Mitsubishi?

The enemies of our country are not sleeping. Let us all be vigilant. Good job our security officers.


Where is Delta Hotel?

hapa death toll ingechezea 400 plus

Police need to thoroughly comb up Isiolo town. Good work

UoN and buildigs around here mliponea


muzuri sana, but hiyo humbwer imetoroka na AK47 ikamatwe pia before irudi somalia. na hiyo imeshikwo ikulishwo ngurwee kila siku.

akue anapelekewa nguruwe fry kila siku

Bitch niggas…they should be shot on sight

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:D:D Wewe inakaa unaeza kua torturer mnoma sana kushinda Benicio Del Toro in the movie Sicario

My old men taught me that emotional people are the most irrational and unstable people you will ever meet. You just confirming that.

Kudos our boys in Blue.

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The hotel is opposite Central Police station! - Just before the UoN footbridge ( University Way)

Maybe they had also planned to kill some cops at central. That would have shaken the Nation

Room 204 happy Delta Hotel
Kuna Poko** anangonja customer arudi.