Kayole Suicide story...

Wacha hata mimi nijaze server pia.
Remember this?

The Model Lady has come out to her defense

Before Saul akuwe Paul…wana…

Hii tuliona Abraham akizaliwa

tukiwa na mtume pale Mecca

kima serious note huyo mdem ame ivaa mbaiya

That Ash!

Hiyo matercore ni photoshop haiko kubwa hivyo…

Kabla ujue kuvaa kamisi ya yellow huko kathonzueni

Hio ni under the navel afande

Go drunk, you are home.

I did once hit on here kitambo eight year ago. She was a model for a shop called Linen and Khaki. She was advertising their women cloths. She read my intentions correctly and said no. She then joined vivo active wear as their model and her pictures went viral. Let me tell you she is more pretty in person and those curves aren’t photo shopped. Her shoshomedia account is very private since she has a lot is stalkers and cons using her pics.

Mimi naomba huyu munyarwanda anionekanie slice tu moja.

She fine

This is safisha mecho-esque

David akiwank na sketch za Bathsheba

Yeye ako pouwa