Kayole Suicide story twist...

Apparently the lady’s body dangling from a rope is called Mercy Masika.

Could Kwamboka be alive somewhere and she’s been killed by our very own keyboard warriors?

Na Tuko wakaiba story hapa ama vice versa

is this before or after ajitie kitanzi?

The screenshot is as old as Nebucardineza

Mnatuchanganya bana. Wengine wetu ni chairmen wa udaku committees huku mashinani, so when you start posting such conflicting stories you make our work very very hard.

#copied from dennis itumbi
Before you post or share anything apply this test…
1.is it necessary?
2.is it true
3.is it kind
4.does it add value?


Uwes wacha kunyonga wanawake mkikubaliana bei lipa wacha mambo mingi



sawa baba

Kunahitajika option ya kuunwatch literally!! kwa threads zingine hapa hivi

Muharo mod detected.