Kawira Mwangaza anakipitia huko Meru


That mama will have it tough Kwanza vile wameanza mapema hivi .

She took the seat from a very tough hooligan. But attacking a woman can also have political consequences.

Which consequences?

That Mamaa has stepped on too many toes as she cleans the town.She I personally tóuring theMarkets and hospitals na anafanya kazi kweli kweli.
Good thing is the Public participation.
Kwanza Ward Admins wamekiona.Pia the Garbage menace is on an overdrive.
Ghost workers sacked na watu was County wanaenda work stations sio vile walikuwa enzi za Keraitu.

Anataga gugula pege yage wagiwa na ga pen 10 gage?
Haiwesegani Watau.

Ataona ngumu. Impeachment ya kwanza sooner than expected

banae wamechomoka wote , na ujue 70% of MCAs ni AZIMIO so si ati Ruto ata summon MCAs aonge nao . hapo ni ngumu coz yeye pia ni independent having Marginally won against UDAs Linturi . hapa ataenda nyumbani . the worst part was bringing his husband to be the defacto gavana

They cant legally succeed with a impeachment. You need a criminal justification, or negligence in office. So they can vote but high court will send it back. Laws protect the will of the people, otherwise all governors would be chosen by mcas.


shida ni with such conflict btn the two , development will be very minimal .

shida ni with such conflict btn the two , development will be very minimal .

Stammering ni ya nini?

You all remember the thread I posted a few days ago and how I predicted the going would be tough ahead?!

nothing happened to Kidero after the Shebesh incident

Ambie Mzee awachezee guitar

He has a history :

Apologise for the slur, women tell Kiraitu | Nation

Kibwana huko Makueni alipatana na these scenarios. Amesema hao mcas wanataka kakitu

She is being a Calico…she can not govern without them and she better start praying for herself. She will be unable to pass budgets, pass legislation and I can see her getting impeached in 1 year and they will gladly get rid of her. Yes she is a tough one, having convinced voters in Meru to vote her in as a woman but she needs to grow a pair and work with the MCA’s since she has no MCA’s of her own. She will have to apologize and try accommodate them. If the worst happens then the national government will take over Meru county.