was doing rounds down the archives road,found this very encouraging to someone like me who’s really engraved in the vice.nduthi tamalisa mimi…how can one quit this chieth,it has been a real frustration in my sex life.any retired generals will be helpful,asande

Na venye threads kuhusu hio upus ni mingi hujapata advice hata moja ?

matha wewe

Can’t relate to beta male problems

First thing Ni kujua trigger ya the urge. What’s makes you want to do that? Ukishinda jibu , ushasolve shida

Heri kujiguza kuliko kukula hao malaya wa so mbili hapo kericho


Then Avoid KTalk

Uko na dem regular?

zi,ako far

Vitu zimenisaidia:

  1. Gym/workout any time you’re all alone and feel the urge. Make sure you get really tired through working out.
  2. Avoid staying alone. Look for people to interact with. Join a club, toka kwa bedsitter na ongelesha caretaker…Just make sure hauko solo, Kama wewe ni biker pia, enda karandom, it really cools one down.
  3. Read…Tafuta vitabu, comics, articles kwa net.
  4. Work on a small project. Ingia youtube, look for tutorials on projects kama building a mini boat with matchsticks and glue etc…
  5. Get a girlfriend. Your hand is no where close to real pussy. Plus I think women can innately tell if you wank, kunavile kawasaki kills your charisma and confidence, and women know very well when this is the case. At least now you stop doing it because you realise that someone else relies on your masculine energy.
  6. Pray - God will help you. If you aren’t in to that, you can alternatively just find someone who isn’t judgemental that you can open up to and listen to you.

All the best chief! I haven’t Kawasaki’d since Dec 19th 2018. Still going strong. You can do it bro!

Ati prayer… wewe uko na selective sin … unamshow akakakue kunguru then akaombe asiwashe nduthi