Kawasaki & Honda Also Make Jet Engines




Honda also makes luxury Jets

Yes it’s common for Japanese automakers to diversify into heavy industry like building port cranes, ship turbines, aerospatial equipment etc.

From Mitsubishi and Subaru parent company Fuji heavy industries. In fact, a company like Mitsubishi makes more money from heavy industries than their automative division.

True. Kawasaki makes monster machines called TBMs. They bore underground tunnels for railways and roads. One such TBM costs 900 million USD


Hizi bei munatoaga wapi?
This is scale model of Big bertha ,the largest tunnel boring machine [SIZE=6]in the world[/SIZE]

This is the work done[ATTACH=full]377397[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]377398[/ATTACH]

Its buying price in Osaka was a little over 80million dollars. Though tunneling cost 2billion

In world war two all those companies in japan were making jet engines or anything to aid in the war.

They also make race car engines. F1 and Indy 500 vehicles may use branded names, but many run on Honda engines.