Kavirondos coming out of the Closet.

Naona njaruos are delivering some lame sweeps. Wanatumia British propaganda kusema shiny eye ni gay. Hii article ya juzi inaonyesha jaruos like it from the back.


Wakiwa wameongozwa na @Jimit the village kypii with his 15kg foreskin.

The guy’s name is literally cheekbusta. He splits cheeks wide open. To top it off, the first to comment on his post is a verified homosexual, makes a living by soliciting for chips and pilsner, and subsequently having his cheeks busted.

You got the nerves to point fingers. Some real reverse psychology shit. You literally dream of my foreskin. Not a day passes without you mentioning it. The way this shit is going you may take a title deed to claim my foreskin. Looks like I gotta get security.

[SIZE=5]7:25 PM here in Ocho Rios, Currently tuned into Jamaica News Network.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]Should be 3:25 AM kule Kenya.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]Yaani vijana wana-discuss homosexuality na foreskins at 3 AM?[/SIZE]


@patco leta maoni yako

@patco ume blockiwa na kila mtu kwa main handle sasa nikupost na hii handle, tafuta baba yako akutombe rasa utulie