Kassin, Did you Just delete Your Daily Drumpf?

It went like this:

Trump White House Finally Confronts A Scandal It Can’t Quash With An ‘Alternative Fact’
#MeToo and photos of an ex-wife’s bruised eye forced Trump’s staff to back away from original explanations – and shredded the president’s credibility even further.

WASHINGTON – From their first full day in office with claims of massive, record-setting inaugural crowds, President Donald Trump and his top aides have been a virtual juggernaut of dishonesties and falsehoods, seemingly immune to normal White House standards of candor and accuracy.

Until this month.

I was just about to respond, and my opinion was :D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Tombwa mungiki hii…ati kassin. Apana tambua takataka


Kassin, There is a juicer version (black eye) I was looking for but then the phone rang… Lemme look for it.