kassaine... yule Brian

COURT FREES Brian Kassaine , one of the suspects questioned over Monica Kimani murder; ordered to report to DCI every Thursday for next 2 months

why was he freed? hana kesi ya kujibu?

he is a witness

Who is this guy ?


The guy that lent Jowie his pistol, allegedly used to shoot himself in the arm. He is Maribe’s neighbor.

Not his picture, Gosh ! ! !

He agreed to snitch…I don’t blame him though.

Will he maintain his firearm license after displaying poor judgment and carelessness?

i see your avatar, hope you are not the next special op’s guy, jowie style.

How does one lend a firearm? Kama kukopa mtu gari kwangu ndio hata shida, I’d rather drop them off or give them money for a cab. His license had expired.


unacheka nini ngombe hii

The Police said he was required to return the firearm 2 years ago because it was issued irregularly, he should have been charged with illegal possession of a firearm but as usual Kenya Police maumbwa care more about money than enforcing the law, it is clear Kassaine is connected…

Alikumbuka ile msemo: every man for himself God for us all… kwa kiswahili kila mtu apambane na hali yake.

Ile hando ingine kwani haitoki Siberia?

He is more valuable to them as a state witness than a mahabusu

which one ?

this is a word used by the likes of kina @MajorProphet na mashoga wenzake

That is, from where you stand , if that’s how you see it, then that you. It has nothing to do with me.
a slang word that is used as an exclamation, or to denote surprise
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