Kaspersky Installation Error

i just bought Kaspersky 2016 but it doesn’t work… I load the CD but then I get error code 1714. I’ve tried lots of things and have watsted air time on the phone to Seller… can u help?? in not , i will send the product back…


Download it online then enter the key on the CD. . .

sawa mjuaji… inaonekana mamako ndio mschupid heri agepanua miguu

Brathe do you have another Kaspersky installed if so which one, Anti Virus or Internet Security? The one you have purchased is which one?

ave avast already installed… the ave purchased is Kaspersky

Uninstall Avast, Installing the two might crush your machine. It’s not advisable. Install Kaspersky afresh, ensure the internet is on/stable, chech whether the date, calendar ziko accurate an uptodate lastly check kama the GMT iko set at +3.00 Nairobi.
Iki kusumbua zaidi give me your Team Viewer Website I help you on my side

why would you want to have two antivirus? halafu hiyo matusi kuweka Kaspersky pamoja na avast

sa wewe ni nini inakuumbua… peleka mushenee mbali na am not alcoholic…

Download the Kaspersky Error 1714 repair tool http://tomdownload.net/software/kaspersky-error-1714/
na ujue kutumia google, fwagin…

ati mushene? ona, si lazima uniheshimu but jiheshimu

weee kasee inaonekana uko na kamaneno… siwes click… hehehe:D:D

Uninstall Avast, it could be causing the error. Halafu get off your paranoia and read this:

he he Paranoia…



  • (IPA): /ˌpæ.rəˈnɔɪ.ə

  • A psychotic disorder characterized by delusions of persecution.

  • Extreme, irrational distrust of others.

translations (A psychotic disorder characterized by delusions of persecution)

You should uninstal avast, alafu instal karspersky and an anti spyware kama malwarebytes for added security. Atleast anti spyware software huwa inafanya poa na anti virus.

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