Kasarani Man Who Massages Women in Birthday Suits Says He’s Not Tempted


Videos of Steve Collins Kariuki massaging female clients in their birthday suits attracted attention on TikTok The masseur spoke to TUKO.co.ke about his business, which he started in 2018 after going to school Steve also spoke about how he deals with temptations and why he opted for the massage method. A young Kenyan man has gained popularity on TikTok for massaging women in their birthday suits.

Steve, who only massages female clients, admitted that his business initially struggled, but he found his footing. “It was initially hard for clients to trust me, but we built a rapport, and things picked up.” One of the netizens’ most constantly asked questions was whether Steve feels tempted when massaging fully unclothed clients. He responded by saying: “I am not tempted because I am not used to it. I trained my mind.” The businessman admitted that some clients get stimulated during their sessions, but he finds a way to handle them. “90% of my clients know it is just business, but around 10% will want a happy ending. I talk them out of it, explaining that it is a normal reaction brought about by the massage.”

99% ya clients ni wamama shapeless wazee kama @TrumanCapote na @Hethi wenye wananyamba wakijigeuza kidogo kwa hio meza.

Nawasha tv daily but siwatch pia…

siependi uchafu yenye iko kwa akili chako

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Hapo hata ukikunywa glass ya kerosene asubuhi lazima chuma ireact. You need tons of self control for such work.