Kasarani is empty

i hope u got my point!


Hii wangepeleka Nyayo or Ouru park…central places

Avoiding Naswa trouble makers and hecklers.
Crowd control at Uhuru Park is poor.

great speech by CIC…if the 4 pillars mentioned can be implemented then I am sure we will be faar faar ahead of our sub saharan counterparts in terms of quality of living and prosperity

Why did u not say a word when the place was filled up to capacity just a few weeks ago

In fact wange peleka sugoi…hio crowd ina tosha nyumba ya wsr uko sugoi

Because we knew the crowd was imported…and i thought uliambiwa na wakubwa wako usionge kabla hauja wa consult … because you’re always fond of posting NONSENSE

half fool

Accept n move on. rohwtb raila on his way to bondo


Nilijua lasima nasarite aweke hii saa ngoja 9pm news

Kijana kutoka raila akose kiti ni ujinga inaonekana akili yako imezidi kuoza eh

Devolved functions

Wewe fanya kazi ya mkono statehouse gardens na uwache kusumbua.

He has the average IQ of a jubilee supporter

If devolved why hold it in kasarani


How do i answer that

Why not hold in a smaller area. …how has been the attendance in previous years?