Karuas Polling Station.... Mugumo Primary School [WSR Atawaonyesha mambo]

Ruto 911 votes
Rao 311 votes



What am loving is the middle finger muthamaki has been shown in his backyard. whatever the outcome at the top, am already satisfied. No fiefdoms in MT Kenya

You forget that raila only needs 15 percent central.

Hii ni mingi

Project imekataliwa.

If RAO had 30 p.c of the 5 KIUK counties in 2017 he was still losing.

RAO has bled his strongholds so severely…

I am doing Western and Coast next… Kitui yiu can see Hustler is getting over 40 pc


Its OK @ranny …congratulations UDA for showing muthamaki the middle finger…the rest of us Kenyans now become collateral. Tumekubali matokeo wacha sasa bwana Ruto ajenge nchi

@mikel , This time i actually didn’t care who won at the top. But i did want Mt.kenya to send a resounding message to muthamaki that MTK has never and will never be anyones fiefdom. That message is now clear to the fake elders and MTK mafias like thug kamanda and murathe the kemsa thief.

You would have been collateral either way. both sides are thugs only 1 side had dipstet to hide their thuggery while yapping about thieves on the other side.

You also forget that Raila is defending his statistical baseline of an average 43% in the 2013/2017 elections in which he is currently doing a shoddy job at best?

Seems like hata kamelon perfomed better in his area compared to the iron lady.