Karua has no ground support-Listen to Kirinyaga residents

I told some guys but they keep shouting themselves hoarse

We have no problem with that, provided the deep state wants them.

Kirinyaga voters are morons at best. They are the same people who voted for a verified NYS thief when her case was hot.

Kenya is much bigger than tiny KIRINYAGA


Shida ya ASSmio ni mingi. Let jayden pick whom he wants.

Today is a good day. ASSmio broke and watermelon left. The 12 weeks he was there he rocked then from within. They didn’t campaign and wasted time. Asante Kalonzo.

It’s not about kirinyaga anymore. It’s about the national outlook and delivery. As for kalonzo, good riddance the lesser the baggage in azimio the better… Now we can retain our super CS matiangi without worrying.

You are campaigning for two thugs? How much are they paying you? If not, what is your IQ?

You’d have to be borderline retarded to support Ruto+Gachagua if you are not benefiting personally.

I’m not saying Azimio is clean, but it is the dog with fewer fleas.

It’s funny leo hujaandika a whole encyclopedia expounding on nothing … kwani haijaenda vyenye ulikuwa unataka.

Kirinyaga people are very happy with karua. Wako azimio.






Comments says it all https://www.facebook.com/InooroTV/

Azimio vopingbis on full force. The last time Karua won anything was in 2007.