Deported & Depressed…

Hi WK, I am a silent follower for several months. You are one a big inspiration to me for real. Please hide my Identity and also take this as a prayer request .
I lived in Delaware for 15 years, I had worked so hard and earned my LPN license in 2008 and started working in a Nursing home the same year. In 2015, I met a lady from another state hapa kwa mitandao ya FB. Tukaanza kuchat, then eventually started calling each other. The lady was saved and was an Evangelist. She had a ministry in their state. Mimi on the other hand I was a “thug” thug in the sense that I was a party boy. Though I enjoyed the relationship with the lady, she was moving way faster than me! As much as I told her that we needed to slow down, she seemed quite desperate for marriage. She was 8 years older than me. The lady was so committed to God that she started calling me every night for prayer, hata niliwa mlevi. I remember one time I called her during the day, and she put me on a 3 way call with her mom! I wasn’t ready to talk to her mom but she caught me unaware and I had no choice but to talk to her mom who had the longest testimony I had ever heard. Fast forward… I started using the innocent lady financially. I would ask her to send money to my own parents at home. She did it with so much love and treated them like her parents. As much as I felt guilty for using her yet I didn’t quite love her, I kept going on. Anyway, I moved in with a different girl in March of 2016, while still playing the saved one. I started pulling away from the saved one and eventually told her the truth that I loved her but I wasn’t in love with her enough to marry her. I remember that day as though it was yesterday. The lady wailed hard on the phone, asked me “why after all I did for your parents” and what about the love I have for tou"? She had sent them thousands of shillings and even made it a habit every month. But see, I had another woman who was pregnant with my child. She was a mzungu and you know how it is in America (makaro manenos) Anyway, I successfully dumped the saved lady and moved on with the white slay queen. Wuewue she was a b&*%$!!! Arguments kila siku, plus she was a drunk @. We fought so bad mpaka I started slapping the S*** out of her! In May that year the neighbors called the cops 3 times! The 3rd time I was shipped to jail because I had slammed my pregnant woman on the wall while we were both on a drunken brawl. Kupelekwa jela following day ndio Hawa wasee wa “Barafu” kucheki cheki, sina makaro (legal documents za kuishi America for those who may wonder what I mean)
Cut the long story short I was shipped back to Kenya on July 18th 2016! WK I lost it all, I had so many regrets about the saved lady. She was an angel, that was my woman who tried her best to change me, but I threw my blessings in the toilet and flashed it all down!
I am now in Ruiru, nauza makondofia na mandizi kwa soko! I also have a jobless wife and 3 kids, 2 of them are twins. My American dream vanished. Nimejaribu pombe, chang’aa bangi wanawake, wapi? The emptiness I feel inside is beyond repair. I managed to find the saved lady who had left Facebook after our breakup, she is now married, living in Seattle and a mother of 4. Though she forgave me, she permanently blocked me. Wairimu niombee sana please…

Makondofia ni nini


Waa, if true life must be tough. Deportees rarely get back on their feet when they get home, unless if the wider family is well off. I know of one who used to own a car dealership in Texas. Was deported in 2016.He now trades in cows somewhere deep in muhoroni. The deportees who lived in Buru before going to the states nowadays while away their days in the backstreets of Buru shopping centre reminiscing the good old days in the states as they sip kibao and moonwalker spirits.