Karma is about to hit Kamala



Kasia. Wacha upuss
If they were to rule based on their past experiences and emotions, then they wouldn’t be worth that supreme court.

Huyo jamaa hatakuelewa.

Unfortunately, the US Supreme Court is highly partisan and that is why you hear things like the need to ‘pack the court’ or some groups having a 6:3 majority. It’s also the reason why the nominations are always heated and have all manner of accusations

Takataka ya a-bor-tion den…ungetumia hio akili yako vizuri saii ungekua billionaire

Let that guy be! He’s a victim of too much Hollywood propaganda.


Watu muwache macheso. … A supreme court judge serves for life, you want to tell me they would stake their illustrious career on line just to pamper the ego of a man who lost fair and square in a political contest???

Luckily for Biden and Kamala, none of the cases being brought forward has the ability to overturn the results.
They are all 51 votes here, 180 votes there.

The only case that has a chance of even reaching the Supreme Court of the US is the one about late arriving ballots in Pennsylvania.
And even that, even if ACB and the rest rule against Biden, Trump will still not catch up with Biden in the state.

Georgia needs to step up and elect the two democrat senators in January, so uncle joe can unpack that court.

The Democrats got a weird agenda then… that can also be seen in the way every mainstream media outline is acknowledging Bidens win and turning a blind eye on the voter fraud and other irregularities

Some Uhuru Kenyatta faithfuls are so lucid in their critique and aversion to the largely legitimate Biden win, but turned a total blind eye to all the murk that surrounded the Kenyan elections. Such double standards!!!

Trump haendi anywhere, you better know that. Premium tears loading…

are you saying there are more Odungas out there?

Tuko na Trump Hadi 2024