Karma Is A What?

[I]Interior spokesman Mwenda Njoka explained the deportation in an official statement, saying Mr Miguna also had a Kenyan passport, but which was illegally issued in 2009 by then Immigration minister, the late Otieno Kajwang’.

Mr Njoka said it was issued “without following the requisite legal process”, by orders of Kajwang’.
The statement said: “At the time he was working as an adviser to then Prime Minister Raila Odinga.”

Prior to being illegally issued with a Kenyan passport, Mr Miguna had been travelling using a Canadian passport, which he renewed on June 2017.


Kajwang gave the guy a passport in 2009. JaKuon fired him in 2011. He wrote scathing exposes in 2012, detailing the rot and corruption that surround JaKuon. In September 2017, he suddenly started making overtures to NASA and was back in by October. On 30/1/2018, he dominated a comedic ceremony in Uhuru Park.

Two days later, drunk on his own fantasies of a general leading a revolutionary army he overplayed his hand once again.

Kajwang’s revenge.


Political activist Joshua Miguna Miguna was last night deported back to Canada based on the provisions of section 33(1) and 43(1) of the Kenya Citizenship and Immigration Act, 2011.

Miguna fled Kenya in 1988 using travel documents provided by a foreign country. Thereafter he acquired Canadian citizenship and has remained a Canadian citizen since then.

Miguna acquired Kenyan passport in 2009 at a time when it was illegal for a Kenyan to hold dual-citizenship without having denounced the foreign citizenship.

Prior to this, Miguna had applied for Kenyan Passport in 1987 to enable him travel to Cuba for a students’ conference.

His application for passport was rejected in a letter dated 12th September 1987 which gave Miguna reasons for the rejection. At the time Miguna was a students’ leader at the University of Nairobi before he was expelled from the University.

Under the repealed Constitution, Kenyan citizens were allowed only one nationality. Kenyan citizens who acquired other nationalities automatically lost their Kenyan citizenship.

When the new Constitution came into force, Kenyans who had lost their citizenship as a result of acquiring other nationalities were required to officially apply to regain their Kenyan citizenship. Miguna never did this and therefore continued being a Canadian citizen.

In 2009, Miguna made an application for Kenyan passport at Kisumu Passport Control. Without following the requisite legal process, then Minister for Immigration, the late Otieno Kajwang’ ordered that Miguna be issued with a Kenyan passport.

The late Minister’s orders that Miguna be issued with a Kenyan passport without following the proper legal procedure as prescribed by law was illegal and had no backing in law.

At the time Miguna was unlawfully issued with Kenyan Passport he was working as an advisor to then then Prime Minister Raila Odinga.

Prior to being illegally issued with a Kenyan passport, Miguna had been travelling using Canadian Passport No. MJ 393885 and WK 944502. Miguna renewed his Canadian passport in June 2017 just a few weeks to the general elections.

When Miguna acquired Kenyan passport in March 2009, he deliberately failed to disclose the fact that he had acquired citizenship of another country and therefore the Kenyan passport he acquired then was and still remains illegal.

Mwenda Njoka
Ministry of Interior and Coordination of National Government
for Director of Immigration Services,
7th February 2018

Bro, you never know if it was Jakuon who finally set him up given he has been stealing thunder from Jakuon lately. Why would Jakuon get on BBC the day after his fake general is deported and not mention even in passing the return of the alien to Canada.

There are fierce battles in ODM as to who will take the mantle after Jakom. The top contenders are happy MM is out of the way.

Indeed, watch Orengo and the rest of ODM as they scramble for the mantle in MM’s absence while Jakuon works to diminish MM’s influence.

@jaymoh you are a cunt.

Politics will be the end of us

He he he!
You mean M^2 is the real Joshua?

IEBC must go you mean they allowed an alien, an illegal one to vie in kenya

Hehehehehehehe! Kumbe Dr. MosescKuria has been serving muringa to Miguna and Raila since PNU. That letter effectively protested Kajwang’s illehal issuancdof a passport to Miguna. It was ignored.

Kumbe Kajwang was not just dishing out ids to alshabab

The alien knowingly presented illegally acquired proof of citizenship to IEBC which to any reasonable person would count as valid documentation of citizenship. By doing so, the alien willingly committed both electoral and immigration fraud. Ignorance of the law as a defence does not work very well for lawyers.

@Nattydread @Gerald Achieng Achieng , it did not take long, in Jakuon’s words, Miguna’s former role as general bandia is officially up for grabs.

“His deportation will not affect the plans of the National Resistance Movement (NRM). Every revolution gets its leaders from the people and another shall rise to fill Miguna’s shoes.” https://www.standardmedia.co.ke/article/2001269052/i-know-they-are-coming-for-me-raila