Karma is a bitch

Picture this scenario. It’s an ordinary Sunday, calm and a bit sunny afternoon.
Coz of the unannounced rains v8 is a bit muddy and opts to go the local car wash, because of the pressure wash. Princess cries for daddy and she jumps on the co-driver seat.
Off we go, on reaching there, there’s kind of a commotion brawls and guys shouting and chanting “aoge”…
Guys approach me “boss tuchangishie huyo jamaa angare” gives them some few coins from the dashboard.
Some few mtumba are bought and the guy is forcefully striped, he resists and the mastermind of the operation a guy with track suit and gumboots slaps the subject.
I give princess my phone to play games to shield her innocent eyes.
Still in the car they ain’t attending to us. They start scouring the guy. Guy in gumboots lathers the groin of the subject “haha hena tumade” (here there is pubic lice). The monster encoils, and some few ladies starts to giggle.
Guy in gumboots makes a tent oh his pelvic girdle, his counterparts notices and they shift all the attention to him, and starts raining blows and kicks on him. The stark naked guy elopes with new clothes unnoticed. “uyu no ahaice arume” (this can climb men) he talks to me directing me to park, for christ sakes i have a kid here mind your mouth. Moral: never wish bad things on a person,it will come back to you. The guy who was being mob washed, washes more cars than them, so it was jealous that was driving his counterparts. The guy who had a boner maybe, just maybe he was not gay, it was karma being a bitch.

Karma gives no fucks

Hihihihih Hihihihih

Chevrolet Pick-up KLB 052 ndo imekuwa V8 siku hizi?! :eek:

Well you gave money so that the washing takes place. You supported it and it seems you know the reason why he was being washed.

And the reason was jealousy.

You did the wrong thing so don’t tell us about karma. Just prepare for it coz it’s coming for you.

Actually ni Daihatsu KJQ 843

I came to know afterwards

sasa Weh ni Suspect ya uwizi ya ma scrap!

So you paid kuoshwa mecho…na gari.

Excess primitive energy. :D:D

It’s a V8 on the beholder’s eyes… that’s all that matters.