Tension in Kariobangi as two communities clash over voter registration;
Tension began over the weekend with some leaders accused of bringing in voters from other areas to register in Kariobangi.

The side that was accused of the importation held demonstrations this morning, sparking the street battles.

if we sink any lower we might discover oil


Idlers washugulikiwe

General wakanyama,over to you

I thought you can vote anywhere you want to.

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i never vote.i hate this fuuck

yenyewe inakaa hii kitu inaitwa “kura” iko na coomer kama inapiganiwa na wanaume namna this. @bjurmann si urushe ka balozi kamoja kakufungua wiki


Kariobangi is usually like that. Campaigns huko huwa moto lakini hii yote ni scarcity mentality.

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It’s bound to get worse the way politicians led by babuon are issuing threats and spewing hate against the government and IEBC.

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Both cordmorons and jubilidiots are part of the problem. How you fail to see that baffles me.


I thought voter importation by politicians is a punishable electrol offense?

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He he…

Wapi? Hi ni Kenya boss.

but if you bring in voters to register at a station it means they cannot vote elsewhere right? Whats wrong here now?


voter importation is akin to gerrymandering…

i am officially stealing this line. so much win.

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Its a nonsense law if it exists. How do you prove someone imported a voter in this free world

True. And what is the definition as per law of voter importation?