Kariobangi Demolitions

I get the issue of grabbed land and i believe the guys who grabbed should be prosecuted coz it’s silly for the capital city to lack sewage systems and adequate water supply. But here’s the problem, when u demolish those houses now, where will those guys go? There are no jobs now so where will they get cash to move n pay deposit plus rent plus buy food given the lock down(bear in mind they r tenants not owners of the grabbed land). Two then u destroy the little property that they have, there is a curfew, what happens to them at 7pm. If it rains, what happens to their property and worse still it’s not like they can go to ushago coz there’s a cessation of movement in Nairobi not forgetting the virus.

Pictures, links or background to this story.

It’s allover the news, government’s plan to recover grabbed land that brlongs to Nairobi water and sewage co. I am for recovering all grabbed land but i think the timing is just wrong

In eastleigh mahali ofisi ya nairobi water iko guys have grabbed land belonging to nairobi waterand built flats without any supporting documents no titles or share certifates they have nothing to caution them … pia uko katanuka. The lands ministry is the most corrupt institution in this country woe unto you if you dont have resources to challenge some of the shit they do the chances of you getting screwed are very high.

Most times they are served with a notice na wanangoja mpaka the last day and then they start pleading with the government . The govt doesn’t just get up one day like morning wood and start demolitions. Watakupatia notice then one year later they come for their possessions.

That bit should never arise when dealing with evil in the society.People should learn to have some information under their finger tips sio kuvunja sheria then go seeking for mercy from the public.It’s like passengers of a certain matatu arrested today in the morning for not social distancing,then they say i was late for job so i had to get the next matatu,ghasia mbona haikuamka mapema.As joggers tumeulizwa tukasema wote wawekwe ndani.Imagine we did not feel guilty.If stern action are taken against them,kesho they will not board an overcrowded matatu and those already in will not let extra passengers to board.
Same case to your stupid rant,it serves them a lesson,next I will hear you ukitetea watu wenye walipeana pesa ya kwa Banda homes and those who will give other shoddy real estate developers in the near future.

its good to feel sorry and all but in most cases people are the ones who encroach on those lands knowing very well they don’t own them. they usually start with one mabati structure an if no-one bothers them for the first few months then they increase the number of mabati structures and start sub-dividing the land amongst themselves.
after a year or so the owner might come around and issue warnings/letters for them to vacate but they usually ignore or run to the local leaders who will come defending them.
the same thing happens in forests and river banks/flood plains then when floods come around we are crying for help and start claiming we have lived here for years and its the only place we call home.
all land should belong to the government and people should be leasing land not buying.

@Agwambo narrated here the other day how he bought grabbed land in Langata. Zikibomolewa atalia serikali saidia

There is a slum that has been constructed on land meant for sewerage. Chief alipewa za macho, that slum grew rapidly in less than ten years.

@Agwambo ni peasant ya kuishi single room huko mbotela


Wewe ni sympathiser numbari wuan kodii.You can not save a situation with that mindset.Hit people waachwe wakijiuliza hapa kumeendaje.Next time before they encroach onto some public land they will do their due diligence adequately.

Haiya kwani umefufuka.Lazima urudi ahera

Nairobi can never be restored to order, not in 100 years.
Too many vested interests.
All they will keep doing is half hearted stop gap measures that achieve almost nought.

Include double standards approach

Boss, that was Ruai not Kariobangi.

There is sewerage land in Kariobangi, next to Korogocho market.

Once , G.o.K start demolishing such, Sonko will be there standing for the hustler nation.

Kijiji haiezi bomolewa.Land was encroached by squatters in 2005 but muindi did nothing.When he died,his succession documents za kuwachia watoto wake property was silent on the land.The then squatters walienda court in 2012 and got stay of execution orders against the sons, and won the case in 2016.The sons appealed in high court but the appeal has never been concluded coz hawatokei kwa court.Between 2017 and today vijana wa muindi wame tuma arsonists kuja kuchoma mara mbili causing the deaths of 3 people na bado wameshindwa.Kuna baraza ya land owners next month kwa chief wa mugumoini.Naskia ni allotment letters tunapewa.If that is the case tutanukisha kitunguu vibaya sana.

Agwambo the Enigma cannot respond to allegations of a jaba chewing,majengo prostitute eating, konyagi drinking, mouth smelling,one balled kipee, shit for brains idler like you.Enda cheza na watoto wenzako hukoo mkinusana mcoondoo ghessiah.

If the government decides to focus their might on that place sonko wont do shit… Hii country iko na wenyewe and the recent activities around him have confirmed the same.