Karibuni Lunch


Hio ni resturant gani? Hio pilau inakaa tamu zaidi

Huku ni wapi na ni ngapi?

@Invershonde ulifika lini forodhani? Ama hii picha umeiba online

Siwezi lipa more than 150/-

Hakuna mboka

Gio fake chieth

Some salad on the side would make the meal more sumptuous

Someone was mentioning about some Kilimanjaro restaurant in Nairobi…where is it?What are their charges for such a plate… would like to sample

mmmmmmmmmmmm yummy

Hii inakaa tu Mombasa. Kenyan coast is bae.

:meffi::meffi::meffi::meffi::meffi::meffi: wanaume wakionyesha magari na kutembea na jumbojet kazi ni kuweka mashakura online Kama slayqueen ? nowander kazi yenu ni kucorrect Grammer hapa mfurahishe umati na pesa mfukoni hakuna

Seems the pilau mix wameweka ni kiasi…the rice is too white for pilau.

Kula ugali maharagwe pole pole, wacha makasiriko.

Bro i concur with you, hii ni tabia za slayqueens

Unataka nini kutoka huku nikuletee

Unfortunately the things I love most about Mombasa are not transportable. To many people’s surprise I love Mombasa’s weather. There’s a therapeutic feeling when you move from extreme heat outside to a chilling cold air conditioned environment. The promiscuity of the women. Naskia Bob’s ni useless siku hizi but wueh, I miss those Sunday mornings with German breakfast and a cold tusker surrounded by really hot prostitutes. I miss Tapas Cielo and that kasocialite called Zarina Tegani (though sadly I see age has caught up with her). The ocean pale Mombasa beach nikila samaki kwa beachside kiosk or nikipita hiyo club ya Sonko pale Shanzu on my way to that little known beautiful beach hapo chini. I miss hanging out with the Kenya Kimbos pale Mtwapa Paradise tukiongea in Deutsch wakiwa shocked I can afford to live beachside in Nyali. The cheap beer & cheap food. Shawarma ya Tarboush na Ya Coaston Poa. Walking around in vests, shorts and slip ons all day. I miss people speculating that I am a drug dealer. Jumping into a cold pool when the sun is scorching hot. That lovely accent and the slow pace of life. My neighbour who would bring me the most delicious Biryani i’ve ever eaten every now and then. I miss having a crush on my neighbour’s daughter but never having the courage to make a move. That evening ocean breeze hitting you as you walk home drunk.
Mombasa is just a whole other vibe.

I remember interacting with this uber driver in nai, the guy could not hide hiss despise for the mombasa heat. Anyways, you have lived life my fren.

I can bet on my balls that @Tom Bayeye and @Lonely Lover are your other handles

Cc @uwesmake aka uweschieth