Karen Thugs: Lessons Learned

I refer to this thread: https://www.kenyatalk.com/index.php?threads/insecurity.71489/


Apart from the very obvious lesson of being ready at all times the way the host was during that attack by thugs and to react coolly but decisively in response, I think that the two lessons I learned from that attack was:

  1. Never park with your butt to the exit!!

An uncle of mine, now in his 90s, used to reverse his Peugeot 404 wherever visited, and parked it with the headlamps facing the exit. When I asked him why, he explained that it was because you never knew under what conditions you might have to leave, so you pointed to the way out. He was right.

Another way to approach this is to have all vehicles ready to exit before opening the gates.

  1. If you can afford such an elaborate CCTV system in your residence, have two cameras OUTSIDE the gate scanning both directions. At the very least, have your security guard use whatever facilities you have to survey the conditions on the road.

Those guys were goddamn lucky. Those thugs, despite being heavily armed, were obviously amateurs. I heard one of the victims say they usually scan the area just outside the gate using an ipad before opening the gate, but on this night they failed to do so.

That is nonsense. Wakikutokea mbele risasi haitabagua ati umeangalia exit. Muchai was on an effin road when they got him. And in a car full of guns and bodyguards!

Also, people were shot at at westgate as they were leaving!

Na hata sio mambo na cameras, you could even have hundreds of them but wakiamua na wewe, oh well.

Hii kitu ni Mungu ana protect watu, period. Take saitoti for instance the most diligent when it came to security. No one even knew where he slept. Na hakujua finally kutaenda vile kulienda.

Hata unaweza kuwa na german shepherd na pitbull kama kumi but it comes to nought.

Cc leafy suburbs residents!

Watu wa Kwa Njenga tuketi pare!!

:DWacha matusi underwater. Si umejionea video?

Weh, maajabu haya.
Sisi gari inalala kwa barabara tukiamka tunasema kwa neema!

Deadly tool, though shooting skills and nerves of steel help. You saw how the thug used his AK-47 like a water-hose to very little effect.


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How does an iPad scan for would be attackers?

They could access the cctv feed using the ipad.

You’ve watched too many movies.

@kah tony,

Kama hujui, chunguza ama uulize.

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So you’re saying they hacked the cctv system with an iPad? Hapo ndio hatupatani

Those birrionaires are the ones who could access the cctv feed via ipad, not the thugs. As in, kabla wageni wafunguliwe gate, wanatumia ipad kuangalia nje, if all is clear then they open the gate for guests to leave. On this particular night, they failed to do so.

@kah tony,

@muria.mboco asked @captain obvious: “How does an iPad scan for would be attackers?”

He was asking because the commentator in the video remarked that they were having so much veve-driven fun that they forgot to check the CCTV images beyond the gate on the iPad prior to departure, as is their habit.

The I.P. camera acts just like any other device on a (home) network, and sends its images to a Digital Video Recorder (DVR) that can be accessed and monitored with a computer, smart-phone or tablet with the correct software. If you have a network-attached hard drive in your network from which you can stream movies and music, it’s exactly the same principle. So it’s not about hacking but simply using a feature of the security system.

M16 pia ni mbaya

My friend kuelewa kwako ni duni sana leo

This is why some people have two gates in their homes. One gate is automatic with motion sensors and other features. The next gate has the guards. It makes it hard for thugs to gain the residence easily therefore the family has time to manoeuvre. If they see unknown movement at the first gate they quickly drive by and come back with backup.

mwenye aliandika ndio hakuandika vizuri…point wasn’t clear

This is done even in Westlands, though IPads are not what most people use.

Hii CSI skills zako za Cobra squad ni bure tu, siku yako ikiwa imefika risasi itakupata kwa matako ata ukiwa unaoga kwa bafu